T-Mobile will launch first Google-powered Mobile

Mobile Phone
T-Mobile said 18 Aug – it plans to launch a mobile phone powered by Google’s Android software, making it the first operator to do so. Google ‘s Android will provide an open mobile software platform that will enable creation of applications that would run and give same user experience on any Android-based phone. I hope you don’t forget T-Mobile is a mobile network operator, world’s sixth largest mobile phone service provider by subscribers and the third largest multinational.

I think T-mobile are making strategy to challenge Apple’s iPhone as well as other smartphones & strengthen its position. What you thing T-mobile  will success or not ?


5 Responses

  1. According to New York Times, T-mobile will launch this Google-powered mobile phone in the U.S before Christmas, perhaps as early as October. I hope T-mobile + Google will give some new “Unique” feature to us.

  2. Do you this mobile phone will be made by HTC . So say T-mobile + HTC + Google Mobile phone. I know this phone will shaken the mobile ( cellphone ) industry like Apple’s iPhone

  3. ya, T-Mobile’s mobile phone will a threat to Apple’s popular iPhone.

  4. T-mobile + Google + HTC = Next Generation Smart Phone. Now apple must remove all 3G iPhone bugs quicky .

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