Electronic Device rescue digital audio broadcasting

A new electronic device that enables mobile phone users to plug into digital radio will rescue digital audio broadcasting.   The broadcaster, set to launch digital station E4 Radio this year, is in talks with electronics manufacturers to create a branded plug-in DAB device for iPods and mobile phones.

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Mobile Phone Locator – Google technology

Google Inc is testing a new technology ( dubbed “My Location,” ) that will find the location of people using its mobile mapping service, even if the phone making the connection isn’t equipped with a GPS receiver. You just require to press zero on a mobile handset equipped.

This new tracking feature will enable people on the go to skip the task of typing a starting address on a mobile handset’s small keys when they turn to Google’s maps for guidance.

Source : Google rolls out mobile-phone locator

Latest Gadget Mobile Style-HTC Touch Diamond Phone

latest gadget

The Touch Diamond, which looks like a black slab with a big touch screen, has a VGA (640×480) 2.8″ screen, 3.2-megapixel camera, 4 GB of memory, Wi-Fi, GPS and a Qualcomm 528 Mhz processor. According to HTC, the device also has a new version of HTC’s TouchFLO interface, which puts a finger-friendly skin on Windows Mobile. A newly customized Web browser will let users navigate by swiping with their fingers, and a built-in accelerometer rotates the screen when you rotate the device.